About the Network

Resources and Meetups for Working Moms by Working Moms

What is the Working Like Mothers Network?

Working Like Mothers is the mother of all business-building networks for working moms. Developed by working mothers for working mothers, we offer fun and positive networking and learning opportunities where boss mamas can come together to build relationships, build their business and build their business skills.


Who is it for?

Everyone and their mothers! Moms that need to network and market themselves to thrive in their careers get the most out of our professional development and mastermind group experiences, but we are a great resource for moms to develop relationships with others who are #workinglikemothers.

Our members prioritize collaboration over competition, encouragement over envy and give grace instead of grief when something goes wrong. Our members want to improve themselves personally and professionally and have a deep desire to give value to others as much (or more) than they want to get something in return. They understand that you only get as much out of something as you put in, so they actively participate in and connect with our community of boss moms just like them...


real estate brokers // insurance agents // attorneys // small biz owners // independent consultants // marketers // photographers // graphic designers // event planners // makeup artists // educators // travel agents // skincare professionals // banking & finance pros // retailers // caterers // contractors // e-tailers // personal trainers // designers // therapists // yoga instructors // artists and makers // non-profit admins // developers // bloggers // entertainers // hair stylists // pro professionals and more!

Why Join

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