Launch a Local Chapter

Bring Working Like Mothers To Your Hometown

How do I start a chapter in my area?

Chapters are the local branches of the Working Like Mothers Network. Each one is led by a Momager who serves as WLM's ambassador in her community. The first step to launching a new chapter is to secure a Momager in the area.


What does a Momager do?

Chapter Momagers are independent contractors who work on a part-time basis to recruit members and organize and run our local events. The ideal Momager is an energetic, organized people person who can easily transition between Type A activities like overseeing chapter operations and organized monthly networking events to Type B responsibilities like recruiting new members and being the face of WLM at events. Not only does each Chapter Momager supplement her income with commission on membership dues, she is able to grow her personal business network as she connects with prospects and members through her leadership role in the network.


We bet you do too and would love to talk with you about the opportunity! Schedule a brief phone call with Working Like Mothers co-founders Linley+Lauren to learn more about the network and chapter leadership. Pick a time that works best for you below!