• 01 Jun 2018 by Lauren Pasqualone

    Especially when you're having fun, unicorn!

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year... No, we’re not talking about Christmas. We’re talking about summer! With limited years to make memories with our kids before they leave the nest, we savor the summer season. But as working moms, we know it’s not all fun in the sun. Just because school is dismissed doesn’t mean you can dismiss your work, which brings extra challenges like childcare arrangements, camp schedules and so much more!

    Just like you keep your kids from getting sunburned during the hot summer months, we’re here to keep you from getting burned out! That’s why we’re taking a good look at your current goals this month to keep you laser focused on what responsibilities matter most so you can filter out the rest, then we’re taking you on a vacay! A mental vacation, that is. Our professional and personal development book club is going on summer break, and we’re introducing a summer reading series just for fun!

    Here’s a summer-y of how you can tap into your Working Like Mothers membership this month to be your boss mom best:

    Here’s a summer-y of how you can tap into our resources this month to be your boss mom best:

    Now dive in and make a splash this summer

  • 01 May 2018 by Lauren Pasqualone

    It's our month to shine, boss moms!

    May is such a special time for us working mamas to focus on the blessing of motherhood. But do you ever feel like the working part - at home, on the job and everywhere in between - sometimes stops you from basking in your blessings? Sure, you appreciate that bouquet of flowers and breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day, but do you make it a practice to stop and smell the roses the other 364 days of the year? With so much on our plates, it’s easy to pass the days focusing on our to-dos while life passes us by. That’s why this month we are focusing on pausing, unplugging and being more present.

    Here’s how you can celebrate Mother’s Day the Working Like Mothers way:

    Happy Mother's Day, unicorns!

  • 01 Feb 2018 by Lauren Pasqualone

    This is not a drill, boss mom!

    Famed MIT professor Neil Gershenfeld once said:

    “Give ordinary people the right tools, and they will design and build the most extraordinary things.”

    The magical mamas in the Working Like Mothers Network are anything but ordinary, so we can’t wait to see what you accomplish with the Ultimate Boss Mom Toolbox we’re building as a network this month.

    Here’s how you can tap in to the tools:

    Not to hammer this month's theme, unicorn, but get out there and build that success!

  • 08 Jan 2018 by Lauren Pasqualone

    Feeling stretched thin, boss moms?

    Business, kids, relationships, family obligations, housework... no, you’re not going crazy. You’re a working mom! The working mom juggle shouldn’t be a struggle, though. That’s why we’re ringing in the new year working together on a healthy work/life balance

    Here’s how you can join the journey:

    Let's make 2018 a happy YOU year, unicorns!

  • 26 Dec 2017 by Lauren Pasqualone

    This Thursday, boss moms across the country will meet for their local Books + Brew to discuss the lessons in Simple and Fun Goal Setting Strategies for Busy Moms! by Alexa Bigwarfe. Here's our take on this month's Working Like Mothers book club selection:

    Ever noticed the advice in some business books just doesn’t apply to working moms?

    “Wake up at 4 a.m. to get more done,” they say... Sounds great, unless you’re exhausted from being up all night with a crying baby or you’ve got to get multiple kids ready and out the door for school.

    We working moms are special, and so are our needs. That’s why we loved this author’s mom-centric approach to setting goals. Not only are her strategies specifically designed for mothers, but this straight-to-the-point book is a fast read that can be squeezed in the margins of your day.

    Reading fluff? Ain’t nobody got time for that! Especially boss moms at Christmas time!

    Check your chapter's event calendar to get details on the book club meeting in your area. Find your local chapter >>

    Read more about Simple and Fun Goal Getting Strategies for Busy Moms! and snag the e-book at

  • 21 Dec 2017 by Lauren Pasqualone

    One of our very favorite events to attend each month is our local Books+Brew, where we get together  with our members to talk about the WLM national book club read of the month over coffee. (Can you imagine… a book club where you actually read and discuss the book?!)

    In one of our recent selections – Vision to Reality by Honoree Corder – the author wrote “two of the most powerful words in the English language” are I am.

    “If you are saying things after the ‘I AM’ that are disempowering to you, it’s time for an upgrade… The only things you’re not able to do are the things you tell yourself you’re not able to do.”

    Reflecting on that, the boss moms that were at a recent book club meetup went around the table saying “I am” statements that focused on our unique strengths or areas we want to improve on:

    • “I am worth it.”
    • “I am a habit maker.”
    • “I am consistent.”

    It was more empowering than listening to a Beyonce song at full volume. (Go on and sing... we won't judge. We're doing it too!)

    Inspired by these words of affirmation and Corder’s book, we dove into one of Corder's book recommendations, “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

    Now if we’re talking about things that we AREN’T, we can start with morning people. We repeat... We. Aren’t. Morning. People. But in almost every article we’ve ever read about the habits of successful people, waking up early is on the list. (Boooooooooooo…)

    Since Corder had written that during her career, she “figured out there were several common characteristics, behaviors and beliefs successful people had that unsuccessful people didn’t,” we decided we could at least read a book about waking up, right?!

    Well wouldn’t you know that of the six morning habits that Elrod outlines in his book, one of them is affirmations.

    So that got our wheels turning, and boy are we excited about what we came up with!

    Each month in the Working Like Mothers Network, we focus on a different personal or professional development topic. We have webinars led by expert guest trainers, we hold mastermind sessions to help you apply what you’re learning into your life and we read a book about the topic as part of our book club.

    Our hope is that every month you take away at least one thing that you can apply to your home or work life to help you move closer to your goals.

    To keep your eye on the prize each month, we’ll be serving up printable affirmations related to the month’s topic in the members-only area of our site. Normally you’ll find these exclusively behind the log in, but we are so excited about the potential for us to use our mindset to shape our actions that we’re posting the first set here for you to download.

    Click here to download our Goal Getting affirmations >>

    Over time, you can cut out the affirmations that apply to your life best and combine it with future ones to develop your custom set of mood and motivation boosters.

    And don’t worry, mamas… we’re on the lookout for a book that says sleeping in and taking naps is the best way to find professional and personal fulfillment.

  • 10 Dec 2017 by Lauren Pasqualone

    You goal, girl!

    After the hectic holiday season, sometimes the only thing you want to do for the New Year is open up a bottle of champagne and soak your tired feet in the ice bucket that was holding it. But if you’re like most working mamas, you can’t afford to lose momentum at this time of the year – especially when you need to pay for that big ticket item your kiddo asked Santa for.

    To keep you moving toward your dreams in the midst of holiday madness, we're focusing this month's professional development resources and events on goal setting. Throughout December, we'll be sharing strategies to help you set goals and make plans to sleigh, errrr, slay 2018 from the very first day of the year.

    Before you dismiss this as just one more thing to add to the sled load of to-dos already on your list, take a look at this finding from a Dominican University study: Peeps with written goals achieve approximately 50% more of their goals than those without written goals.

    If you’re still not convinced, take it from us. We use goal setting in our business, and it keeps us working toward the things we’ve identified as important without getting distracted by the hundreds of other things that pop up in our inbox, on our phones or in conversations on a daily basis. (You know what we’re talking about, right?) And without fail, we’ve burst through our biggest goals every time that we’ve set them – and in less time than we anticipated! Why? Focus!

    Business coach and author Michael Hyatt gives these five reasons why you should “commit your goals to writing:”

    1. Because it will force you to clarify what you want.
    2. Because it will motivate you to take action.
    3. Because it will provide a filter for other opportunities.
    4. Because it will help you overcome resistance.
    5. Because it will enable you to see — and celebrate — your progress.

    So how do you get to the celebration part? Get goaling! Here’s how:

    Ready to give it a goal? Share your goals for 2018 in the comments below so we can cheer you on as you goal for them!

  • 01 Dec 2017 by Lauren Pasqualone

    Hey there, unicorn!

    Welcome to the shiny new new online home of Working Like Mothers! We know you just got here, but will you come on a journey with us for a few minutes?

    Back in 2015, we were two overworked working moms climbing the corporate ladder. We had more-than-full-time jobs, more-than-full calendars and full houses, and yet... we still felt an emptiness in our lives. Busy-ness and business had taken over our blessings, and we realized we were not taking care of who and what mattered most in our lives.

    After lots of prayer, we took a HUGE leap of faith and started our own business that would give us the means and flexibility to take better care of our faith, our families and ourselves. The funny thing about God, though, is that he sees a much bigger picture than we are capable of even dreaming, and He soon revealed His bigger purpose for our business. If we felt the conviction to take better care of the blessings He entrusted to us, weren’t there others who felt the same? God had been preparing our hearts by helping us realize that our needs as working moms were the same as so many others. Just like that, the focus of our purpose quickly expanded beyond just taking better care of who and what matters most in our lives to helping others do the same in theirs.

    Just a few short weeks after our newfound purpose was impressed upon us, the leader of a local working moms group in which we were members reached out saying she was ready to pass the baton on to someone else. We immediately knew that this group was meant for us and was supposed to serve as the foundation of a much bigger movement. Just like that, Working Like Mothers was born.

    This site is the next step in spreading our movement of working moms building each other and each others' businesses up, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. Here’s how:

    • Find your chapter of Working Like Mothers. Click here to find a chapter in your area and attend a local networking event. Don’t see one near you? Find out how to launch one in your neck of the woods >>
    • Already a member? We strongly believe that when you make the most of your time at work, you can minimize the amount of time you spend there so you can get on with LIVING. Head to the “Events + Resources” tab above to dive into our professional development resources so you can take care of business then get on with taking care of what matters most in your life. We recommend starting with our work/life balance booster.
    • Buy Moms, For Moms… Support the amazing boss moms in our network by searching our directory whenever you’re looking for a product or service. Your support helps them take care of their blessings too.
    • Connect with us! Follow us on Facebook and  Instagram, and tag your posts with #workinglikemothers so we can follow your boss mom fun.

    Stay tuned for so much more in this space, from member features to professional and personal development posts from the experts in our network. Let’s learn from and lean on each other, friends. Join us, and let’s work like mothers together.

    Just as each one has received a gift, use it for serving one another, as good stewards of the varied grace of God. 1 Peter 4:10